Got Data?

GormAnalysis is a data science consultancy that uses cutting edge tools, algorithms and models to transform data into insights and insights into predictions.

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Data Analysis & Visualization

Mine your data for outliers, clusters, distributions and patterns.  Visualize the results in beautiful reports.

Machine Learning & Predictive Modeling

Use state of the art machine learning techniques like Random Forest, NLP, and Clustering to build powerful models.

Software & Programming

Build robust and easily maintainable products with R and Python – the two most popular open source languages for data science.

Ben is a RARE find and has been working on mission-critical analyses from the get-go. Very smart and creative individual with deep skills, a fast learner with curious mind which helps enrich the deliverables, and a thoughtful, conscientious, responsible collaborator.”


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Ben was professional, diligent, knowledgeable, and an overall fantastic help!


Ben analyzed a clunky, messy data set and pulled out some really valuable insights. He has a collaborative, engaging style of working which made a potentially difficult project an enjoyable experience.


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