Trinalysis 2.0

Easy Transaction Data Analysis

Advances in technology are supposed to make life easier. Yet, somehow transaction analysis systems keep getting more complex. Furthermore, bloated analytics products result in more bugs, more costs, and perhaps worst of all – they take focus away from core business metrics that actually matter. Trinalysis is an analytics dashboard without the bloat. Just the stuff you need.

How It Works

Simply upload a CSV file of your transactions to populate the dashboard’s reports and visualizations. Then visualize your company’s revenue, customer acquisition and retention, customer spending concentration (e.g. 10% of revenue comes from the top 2% of customers), individual customer lifetime value, and run customer cohort analyses among other things.

Simple Yet Powerful

Customer Cohort Analyses

  • Customer Acquisition
  • Customer Retention
  • Customer Revenue
  • Transaction Frequency
  • Average Transaction Value
Cohort Analyses
Customer Detail

Customer Detail

Run quick customer-level key metrics and visualize customer spending patterns over time.

Customer Spending Concentration

Check the concentration of revenue coming from your top customers. How many of your top customers make up 10%, 20%, … of your total revenue?

Customer Spending Concentration