Insure Smart Analytics Dashboard

About Insure Smart

Insure Smart is a sample web analytics dashboard built on top of R Shiny. It loosely reflects a project I did for client where I developed a random forest predictive model and embedded it in a custom R Shiny web app for the client’s users.

Insure Smart is not meant to be scrutinized analytically. Its purpose is display some of the features of R Shiny and GormAnalysis’s capability to build fully functional software for clients who may lack software development teams. Some benefits of building R Shiny web apps like Insure Smart are

– Development time usually runs on the order of days, not months.
– Apps can be hosted online securely so that only a select list of users have access.
– R Shiny allows for full and easy integration of complex R-based predictive models.
– R Shiny web apps are highly customizable. For more examples, take a look at the Shiny Gallery.